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Foundation for RapidWeaver 1.2

This page was created to show off some of the great new features in Foundation for RapidWeaver 1.2. For full documentation on everything that has changed in this update, head over to the online manual.

Top Bar + Magellan

If you thought Top Bar was powerful before, this update adds pretty much EVERY feature that users have wished for!

  • Custom break points allow you define the exact point where the mobile menu kicks in. (this was not easy!)
  • Magellan integration for amazing one page websites. Just like this page!
  • More detailed style settings like hover color and opacity!
  • More control over hide site title content on mobile.
  • More, more, more, just tons more.

Icon Bar + Mega Dropdown

Form Switches & Localization

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Foundation Animate

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Foundation Animate
Foundation Animate
Foundation Animate

Column Dividers

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